Fundamental benefits of cloud technology



Fundamental benefits of cloud technology

Cloud computing is a process of taking and use something, what you need in software. We can use in business professions. In business, cloud computing people using as Gmail or Yahoo mail services. Even the old computer has the facility of access cloud computing services.

Information technology services revealing in which resources are getting from the internet through web based tools and applications, rather than direct the connection to a server. When we use cloud computing service’ we can access, upload files or download files the application to your computer. Many options are in the cloud computing service. We can access music, photos, apps, document from multiple devices but there is no file sharing.

Cloud computing provides wide area flexibility,for example for the mobile workers. All processing work as well as file saving can do in the cloud computing service. The users can use every day to do their computer work.

Character lists of cloud computing;

Cloud computing can move quickly and easily.

Cloud computing gives secure to the entire user.

Cloud computing can be accessed from different places.

Cloud computing will give enable sharing of resources.

Essential major services;

  1. Infrastructure as a service:

Online file storage was run by many years, now it becomesgeneral as hard drive space and costs less than a dollar per gigabyte.

  1. Software as s service:

In the business model, software as a service using as [saas]. Users should provide access to application software and databases. Software as a service, cloud providers can install and operate application software with cloud usersin the cloud computing.

  1. 3. Plat form as a service:

Platform as a service which gives their files as well as software they can use their web browser and passwords.At dunlark, we can start our work for getting attractive design and implement work plans and goal.