Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications are programs that run a mobile devices. We at Dunlark develop both mobile Applications and mobile web applications. There applications are designed, developed and offered to both business enterprise and individual mobile users. They help make your business information accessible to potential customers. They provide with variety video and audio support which may attract new customers and generate new business and revenue. End-Users enjoy their applications as they provide them easy and speedy access to required business details.

Methodology Followed:

We follow the universally accepted methodology while developing web application sequenced below.

  •  Requirement Analysis (Of both Enterprise and its target market group )of individual
  •  Devise appropriate project Architecture and design
  •  Application Development
  •  Testing
  •  Launch
  •  Post Release Maintenance.

The company specializes in developing multiple form mobile applications for i phone, i pad, Android, Blackberry and windows 7. The customized applications are developed from publically available applications such as Apple Applications, Store, Google play etc.. also. We create required interface for corporate clients for branding or marketing their products. We offer our services to SME and PRT Enterprise clients also. As mobile applications are less costly compared to Web development, SME and PRT Enterprise clients can afford Mobile applications that are low-priced, but suited to address their business problems. We develop any type of application using plat form specific coding language also.

Some of the Mobile Application / Mobile Web Application Services we offer are following:-

A) I Phone application development services

  • Location Based Services
  • I Phone business application development
  • Custom i phone apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Utility based application
  • GPS enabled i phone apps
  • i phone application for e learning
  • Mobile apps for websites
  • Application development for hospitality / tourism
  • i phone application for Lifestyle, Sports, ect..

The advent of i phone in 2007 has revolutionized the mobile market and opened the floodgates of IT-enabled solutions to business problems. We build i phone applications making use of i phone features such as accelerometers, proximity sensor, multi-touch interface ,dialer, calendar, address box etc.. that are winter operable.

B) I Pad Application Development Services:

  • Location Based Services
  • I Pad business application development
  • Customer i pad application
  • Social networking apps
  • Utility based apps
  • Gps enabled i pad apps
  • i pad application for e learning
  • i pad website development
  • i pad UI design and development
  • Application development for hospitality/ tourism/ lifestyle/ Sports, ect..

We develop applications for all version of i pad. They are developed fully exploiting the mind-boggling computing power and awesome display effect of i-pad. Our services cater to the needs of business sector, Education sector, Tourism sector and Entertainment sector.

C) Android Application Development:

Using Google Android OS, as the main platform. We develop customized applications that meet the specific needs of our customers. All major corporate entities have developed their applications that are accepted by end-users.

D) Blackberry Application Development:

Blackberry offers internet, multimedia and e-mail services. The specific characteristics of the devise are taken into consideration while designing Blackberry apps by our exports.

E) IOS Development:

We develop ios Apps for ios supporting mobiles and handheld devices. The Apps we develop are compatible with the World’s most advanced mobile operating system.

Why to choose Dunlark?

  • We can build Apps for all types of mobile devices.
  • We have the expertise to build Apps even to ios.
  • The Apps we develop are inter operable
  • We follow the universally accepted methodology to develop the Apps
  • The Apps are cost-effective and trust worthy.