Maintenance and Support

In order to remain in good shape. Websites to require maintenance from time to time. They require updating also to keep pace with the rapidly changing IT-Environment. Post launch support and maintenance are invariably needed for seamless flow of information into your website and hazzle free operations of your system. They may also be required for rectifying some of the lingering errors in the system listed below:-

  • Errors and bugs in software
  • Design Errors
  • Coding Errors
  • Logic Errors ect..

The persistency of those errors may be due to multi vendor hardware or de degradation of software or both.

We at Dunlark offer maintenance and technical support service.

Nature and scope of support &maintenance service:

  • Version upgrade
  • Module installation and support
  • Update Text Content
  • Bug Fixing and Security
  • Website Monthly Backup
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Code Restructuring
  • Feature Enhancement
  • Performence Optimization
  • Add, Edit and Delete Page
  • Upload and Add video
  • Upload¬† PDF or DOC Files
  • Create a blog post

However pictures scanning and word prosessing do not form part of maintenance program. They will be carried out only if text updates are delivered in MS Word format or via e mail and picture in Electric Format via dise or e mail and charged separately.

Areas Covered:

Our S & M services extend to/cover the following areas:-

  • Database migration
  • Language migration
  • Version upgrade
  • Functionality upgrades
  • Re-Engineering
  • Internet Visibility Enhancement
  • Porting
  • SEO strategies

Maintenance Packages:

We have different maintenance packages depending upon the complexity of websites, sophistication of errors and the amount of effort to be put in to set light the system. The rates are empetitive and negotiable.

Give us a chance to prove our mettle.