Common mistakes to avoid when designing a new website



Common mistakes to avoid when designing a new website

All users have first impressions from seeing the new website. Some years ago, we visited the website that is very small company but bespoke company. We left for the website because the page looked like uncomfortable. The designer had a negative quality which reflected in the website. That is not optimizing your website. Some common mistakes, avoid when designing a new website.

1) Placing inventiveness before functionality:

            People have apt creative style on their website, instead of function. The designer fixed in their mind, creativity is the best practices. Prominent designer applies the functions and create inventive designs.

2) Uncomplicated to read as well as understand:

            Another major problem with your website is complicated to read as well as understand. The main reason for this problem is font size or type of font otherwise difference between your font and the background. Many designers want to design fancy type, but that gives the wrong response from the viewers.

            The designer should concentrate on font size and background, which gives chance to easily read and understand and you design blue background with brown front might look nice. Due to differences between the texts is different to read as well as understand.

3) No Maintenance:

            Business owners have not maintenance new website, but website maintenance is a prominent thing. The content should have good quality because we can update quickly as well as regulars.

4) No Contact Information:

            It does not include contact information like an address, phone number or e-mail address. Potential customers have able to contact you about any questions.

5) Absence of mobile optimization:

            People always tend to overlook when they set their websites. A lot of people use their phones to browse the internet for studies, so it is prominent that your website is mobile optimized. If your mobile is not optimized with your websites, it is uncomplicated to use and get effort from the user.