Word Press site to static HTML



Word Press site to static HTML

How to transfer a Word Press site to static HTML:

The user has diverse possible ideas to do a Word Press site into HTML. If you want to achieve goals, you should follow certain rules.

Reasons for static site generator tools:

There are lots of generator sites, which we can choose pelican, because

*In all situations it is popular.

*It is helping easy to write all posts in markdown.

*It helps to generate other files.

Moving Data from Word Press:

Rules for your posts migrating:

If you need to get from the Word Press site to HTML, we have some struggle which is easier to clear. If you want to change your post, you have to follow several steps.

*Establish tool called pan doc.

*Then you can design an XML which is helping to transform into Word Press and save into the same file. Afterwards you will get a good collection. You want to check those files which you can check.

Create a new static HTML site:

Normally, what you know about your content which is with you. Now that is generated into an HTML site for its functions. You have the rights to look blog in directly.

Generated site into browser:

Next step while browsing you can see the generated website. You can mold website based on your needs. We can convert without breaking the links, Word Press website to HTML.

Create and Publishing website:

In the beginning stage of generating website, we can use pelican. So we will get the same model for publishing. If there is a failure in the pelican, that’s packed with two types of configuration files. The first one is Pelicanconf.Pay which allows for keeping all the basic settings and also helps in developing your website. The second one is publishconf.Pay which uses to store all the relevant things that is helpful for publishing websites.