Why redesign your website?



Why redesign your website?

Website is the face or persona of a business entity. At the time of designing, it might have served your purpose and been in pristine beauty for a while. But in due course, it would lose its original charm and utility; it might have even outlived its utility. So it is imperative that it requires a re-design.

A redesign is needed in the following cases:

  • There might have crept in some errors in the original design itself The mistakes might have been due to misunderstanding of client’s needs
  • A simple template cannot work for all genre of business
  • A new user interface module needs to be added to enhance the interaction
  • A new user experience enhancing UI component by way of change of its look ,font, color etc is to be installed
  •  The site looks outdated and a new look is urgently needed to solicite visitors
  • The site behaves unruly; more user-friendly navigation is a must
  • Poor NET visibility
  • A new trend in web design has emerged

We at DUNLARK can redesign any site. A beautiful look, a web savvy logo, an effective presentation of content, a gliding navigation, and much more. We will make your site stripe off its outdated look and shine in pristine beauty once again. We never stop innovating.