What are the main causes of a slow website?



What are the main causes of a slow website?

What are the main causes of a slow website? 

Today, the world is busy with internet connections. And which is developing in the web techniques. Some web survey says that, web pages should load within 1.5 second or less, this is expected by the users. But these opportunities misused by the users. Sometimes slow on the website. That is lost in business. We should identify those causes and overcome from that.

*No related images:

The main problem of the website running slow is optimized images. Optimized image is not liked by the users because they wanted to high speed in web connections. If there is single page having multiple images which are used for all users.

 *No need too much of flash:

Fancy is a good tool for attracting the users, but later it creates a danger to the users because it makes your website into dawn, which is big and large. At all-time flash is not suitable for mobile devices. So if we use flash too much, we got slowing in your website.

*Too much of bulky code:

The unwanted bulky code makes block your website. The large place of white space is rejecting the readability qualities. There are some ways to make smaller code, they are

  • Reject unnecessary white space, not use inline styles and using external CSS and Java Scripts documents.
  • Only use CSS shortcuts and writing efficient code.

*External inserted media:

Normally, using external media is good for your website. But often that becomes a bad idea. You can add many external videos, slide shows in your website that will help your website running too fast which is helping for the users. Suppose your website having a slow day, your website running slow. Then you can receive all content into your own server.

*Security time of computer hardware:

Usually, computer hardware life expires only 3 years. But a lot of computers pushed into 6 years, 7 years. And also warranty of the inside computer things only 1 year. But many users of computer did not have any information. So maybe your website slows with your work. If you want immediate improvement, you can re-size your images, reduce your image quality and reject fancy flash.