Reactive techniques for web design



Reactive techniques for web design

Flexible design is well organized or systematic for your web designing.  It has a flexible arrangement which automatically modifies to the viewer’s device. The reactive web design becomes popular in a few years. Here we can look certain things that are helpful for your web design process.

  1. Planning:

Planning is the key of success. Planning is the imperative step for three major platforms like tablets, smart phones, and desktops. If you want to develop your web design, you need to work more and increase important details for designing. The designer should plan before designing.

  1. Use templates:

Web developers should use the templates because for responsive web design. The template will help to all designers. Using templates they can use many techniques. The templates will save time and also bring the imaginative ideas which can be used on the web page. The templates will help to learn many methods. It will become a reactive web designer.

  1. Advance the images:

Many images will give effect for desktop viewers sometimes that will give the wrong path for all mobile users. Desktop screen and mobile screen differ from each other. So the designer should be optimized for the mobile screen.

  1. Avoid unimportant fonts:

At all-time design should be readable for the viewers. It should be 11pt font for body text and 22pt for headlines. The designer has the knowledge about color discrimination like dark text on a light background.

  1. Avoid unimportant contents:

Unnecessary content looks like dirty and awkward. That will lead the long loading time for your website. If you avoid unnecessary contents, you will get better appearance on your website. Unimportant contents will give wrong respect to the user, sometimes they may think, that affects the advantage of the business.

  1. Make big buttons:

Provide large buttons and space which is useful for the users. Always use simple images that will help save many different sizes. Larger buttons will help for small users without any problem.